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Joey Agresta - Lets Not Talk About Music


  1. Sorry Joey, we have to go there. We’re going to have to talk about music. More specifically, the music that Joey Agresta has just released as an album called Let’s Not Talk About truthhammerburinnfenriktilar.infoinfo Agresta, aka Son of Salami, aka Joey Pizza Slice, is getting personal, cleaning up his distortion and going by his real name.
  2. It makes sense that Joey Agresta would release Let's Not Talk About Music under his own name rather than one of his more well-known monikers, such as Joey Pizza Slice or Son of truthhammerburinnfenriktilar.infoinfoering that the Burlington, Vermont resident first became known for recording tunes using an eraser headless tape recorder, allowing for endless layering and bizarre drop-ins on a single track, but without 7/
  3. Food memory-triggers are perhaps more relatable. For Proust, the trigger was a bite of tea-dunked cake. For me, it was a pizza slice—Joey Pizza Slice, or rather his LP Let’s Not Talk About Music (Wharf Cat Records), his first release under his real name Joey Agresta.
  4. Salami Junior's Bacon Street cassette appeared on Post-Materialization Music in The following year, Feeding Tube released the 7" EP A Man Who Can't Write a Song, credited to Salami J.R. Also that year, Wharf Cat released Let's Not Talk About Music, Agresta's most personal set of songs yet, and the first credited to his own name.
  5. Let's Not Talk About Music by Joey Agresta is available on CD and LP at Pure Pop and digitally at truthhammerburinnfenriktilar.infoinfo Agresta plays an album release party with Bleach Day and Big French Author: Amelia Devoid.
  6. Let's Not Talk About Music was created over the course of three years with Joey Agresta arranging, performing, recording, and mixing it in the cozy confines of his bedroom studio. Though many devices were used in the recording of this album computers were completely avoided and the majority was done on the Akia MG (1/8" cassette 4 track) and MG (1/2" cassette 12 track).

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