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  1. Aug 29,  · Jump Leads might just be the pinnacle of Fila Brazillia’s long career, and that’s praise indeed! This album definitely ranks among their best work and that quality is evident from the very first track, “Bumblehaum,” which goes from an organ solo to a groovy piece of work/5().
  2. Song information for It's a Knockout - Fila Brazillia on AllMusic. Song information for It's a Knockout - Fila Brazillia on AllMusic Fila Brazillia. Jump Leads. 23 Records:
  3. The final track is a surprise, as it is an acoustic guitar/harmonica led tune, with more vox; a sublime ending to be sure. Jump Leads is a fine 8th album, especially considering the chances it takes and it sounds like album number 9 is well on its way to being completed and will take just as many chances as Jump Leads has/5(15).
  4. The Green Green Grass of Homegrown Nearly a decade after Steve Cobby and David McSherry jacked in a putative career in acid jazz to develop Fila Brazillia’s mix of chilled ambient and loose-limbed funk, it seems the music-buying world has gradually come .
  5. There's nothing on Jump Leads that makes me want to dance, or even roll a joint and lie on the floor, which was the main attraction of much of Fila Brazilia's prior output. Instead it all just.

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