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Been To Me - Suzen Juel - Suzen Juel


  1. Suzen JueL Resistance accepted an opportunity to be a resident artist on LEA4 and created an environment around her songwriting with a strong emphasis on her original art. She’s been showing her art ‘in world’ off and on since but with a much stronger emphasis on it in the past year. ().
  2. Jan 28,  · This land grant sim is by Suzen Juel. JUST WOW! I'm loving this. This area is FULL of colors, bubbles, and cool stuff to look at. Near the landing you will find a bubble blower on the ground which you can click to make a bubble and hop in and fly/steer around in the sim. I've been enjoying the virtual world of Second Life over a year now.
  3. Suzen JueL Resistance joined the SL Community for the 2nd time in April to begin performing ( as JueL Resistance). She was one of the first female musicians--of a small handful of musicians back then--who has flourished with her songwriting over the next year to become known for her Acoustic Soul and Blues sound.
  4. For some reason with Gmail etc and youtube it links each email account to it's own truthhammerburinnfenriktilar.infoinfo i've already posted this on Suzen JueL and again here after all we are the same people lol!
  5. About Suzen JueL Thanks for coming to my Patreon! There is always something going on with me, be it on this page or surrounding the walls of my always spinning mind.
  6. LEA4, Spilling Juel Tones, by Suzen Juel Visit LEA4, Spilling JueL Tones by Suzen Juel here: I've been enjoying the virtual world of Second Life over a year now and decided to start a blog about my explorations, events, pictures, fashion and other things I love about SL.

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