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  1. Jun 16,  · Thrashbastard Record is getting rid of a bunch of punk records. Please see the details below and order via [email protected] All orders worth more than 50 (Germany) or Euros (Europe) will be shipped for free! LP’s LA ORQUESTRA EL MACABEO- Lluvia Con Sol- Meneo – 9 (The Orquestra el Macabeo is one of the [ ]Author: Karol Kamiński.
  2. Doom is an English crust band that started playing crossover, but after a couple of gigs, they decided to play a Discharge-influenced crossover thrash-style crust. Somehow, I just never got into this band, but a lot of people like them. On the other side, No Security is a Swedish d-beat band, they put out a few 7''s, and splits, but never got big.
  3. Aug 24,  · You Deserve It Shove My Fucking Face In It I Rather Sk8 All Day Biochemical Warfare Skateboarding Saves The Fallout Kicked In The Teeth .
  4. February 10, | AFAS Live, Amsterdam - The world's primary American Celtic punk bands Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly joined forces. During a European Tour the two turn every venue into a large Irish pub, including an acoustic support act by ex-Sex Pistol Glen Matlock.
  5. Sunpower / Reproach Split Crucial Attack 13 Released on March 8, Two of Belgium's finest bands on one piece of wax, showing where they're best, live on stage. This LP is recorded live at the Loco Loco Festival in Belgium. Sunpower plays 15 songs of fast punk. Reproach - Kicked In The Teeth 0% Reproach - Onward To Destruction.

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