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  1. Lobatus galeatus, commonly known as the Eastern Pacific giant conch, is a species of large sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Strombidae, the true conchs and their allies. It is an eastern Pacific species that occurs from the Gulf of California to truthhammerburinnfenriktilar.infoinfo: Caenogastropoda.
  2. VILLAGE PARK Westbound Bus · arriving in 4 minutes; 44 WAIPAHU - LEOKU STREET - VIA QMC WEST Eastbound Bus · arriving in 8 minutes; 44 EWA VILLAGES - EWA BEACH - VIA QMC WEST Westbound Bus · PM; VILLAGE PARK Westbound Bus · PM.
  3. Ornan The Jebusite. by Wayne Blank. The Jebusites were the inhabitants of Jebus, known today as Jerusalem. The Israelites encountered the Jebusites when they crossed the The Jordan River into the Promised Land under Joshua, however Jerusalem remained under Jebusite control for many years until it was decisively captured by King David.
  4. 3 SALT LAKE Westbound Bus · arriving in 4 minutes; A CityExpress! WAIPAHU Westbound Bus · arriving in 8 minutes; 13 LILIHA - Puunui Westbound Bus · .
  5. Nine Inch Nails - “Somewhat Damaged” (best live performance of this song) - Duration: 4 minutes, 25 seconds.
  6. The Hebrew Bible contains the only surviving ancient text known to use the term Jebusite to describe the pre-Israelite inhabitants of Jerusalem; according to the Table of Nations in the Book of Genesis, the Jebusites are identified as a Canaanite tribe, which is listed in third place among the Canaanite groups, between the biblical Hittites.

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