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  1. **(Piano Music, Paperno)Chopin: Various Piano Works: Scherzo No.1 in b Op, Impromptu No.2 in f# Op, Ballade No.4 in f Op, Nocturne in c# Op No.1, Fantasy in f Op; From the Chopin Competition: Prelude in c# Op, Etude in a Op No.2, Etude in F Op No.8, Concerto in f Op (2nd Movement), Mazurka in f# Op No
  2. 6 Preludes for Piano Op. 23 • Sonatina for Violin and Piano Op. 17 • Concertino for Flute, Violin, Cello and Piano Op. 49 • 5 Short Pieces for Piano Op. 4 • Andantino for Cello and Piano Op. 21, No. 2a • 3 Pieces for Solo Clarinet • Mazurka for Piano Op. , No. 2 • Duo for Cello and Piano Op. 81, No. 1.
  3. Classical Guitar Collection Instruments bearing at least some similarity to what we know as the guitar have been popular for several thousand years. The guitar appears to be derived from an earlier instrument known in Central Asia as the cithara, found depicted on Persian cave dwellings.
  4. Trio Sonata in A major op.6 no.5 - Allegro Giovanni Maria Bononcini 0iBKY4YeFpevvi6mOJamBi If It Wasn't for You 0iERTJuSkvGU7rOsSNRGp6 Not For Money Bobcat 0iGxx6h6guE3oweRNlrh4B Concerto in B-Dur. Op. 7/3: Allegro 0iKygJpQmi7zfRwYSlawAW Soy un Negro de Collantes Victor Cisneros Rodriguez 0iMhsYazhuV1AFDs4HXE9D Free 0iN40MJ6iSIQykkkmPUtFd.
  5. O Burrico de Pau Flor Amorosa Golliwogg's cake walk Pequenas Peas para 3 Violes - 3. Oh, Susana Loro Sonatina Nr 3, Op. 71 Abertura, Op. 15 Trio, Op. 12 Intermezzo (da Opera "Goyescas") Santa Morena (Valsa) Chovendo na Roseira Maple Leaf Rag Rag-Time Dance Yesterday Cano sem Palavras, Op. 19b, Nr 2 Cano sem Palavras, Op. 30, Nr 2 Cano sem 1/5(1).
  6. 1 Compact Discs +3db Records Motland, Stine Janvin. OK, Wow. +3db Records Compact Discs / DVD-Blu-ray A disc of experime.
  7. This private recordings collection is owned by the Osaka Mozart Association. There is NO relation with Da Vinci Edition and is made for information and consultation purposes only. It represents a part of the music archive consists of CDs, Vinyl and in-house recordings made in .

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